Concrete websites are designed on a strong foundation and built with intuitive and distinguished pages to attract new clients.

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Professional Look

Your website is a direct representation of the work you are capable of. Our modern, mobile-friendly, and responsive designs shape visitors’ perspective and fosters trust in your brand.

Visual hierarchy and ease of use creates a first impression that turns visitors into clients.

Gain Traction

Our SEO experts provide webmaster services that communicate directly with search engines. This service keeps your website current and relevant to your industry.

Whether you’re an established company or just getting started, quality SEO puts you in front of potential clients

Job Bidding

Want to provide future and current project information? We can upload active bids, proposals, project plans, and more directly to your website.

Contractors and their Subs can download password protected project information on any device.


Each website we build is provided a free SSL Certificate. This security protects sensitive information, provides authentication, and ensures you are sending information to the right server.

It assures visitors your website can be trusted with their data.


Feeling Creative? Our easy to use front-end CMS allows you to create up to three administrative logins to add and update content on your website at any time. Or leave it to us, that’s okay too.

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Customer Support

Having your own personal designer is like having an additional team member in the office. Only, they’re not on the payroll!

Whatever you need, whenever you need it, your personal designer is ready to take care of any updates to your website.

free Customized Demo

An online working website you can click around on

There’s no flat unrealistic wireframes here! We use your logo along with existing content and place it in a demo website that allows you to click through an interactive site. Share it with the office and get some feedback.

A demo site helps our clients envision their design, test user functions, and encourages collaboration. In less than 24 hours, we can have a demo site ready for your review. This process will give you an idea of how we work and what you can expect from our designers.

Once you have had time to walk through the demo website, let our designers know what you liked! Your feedback enables us to fine tune the nitty gritty stuff later.

Ready to start your project? Just give us a call. We are confident you will love working with us.

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Here's what they say about us

Client Testimonials

Office Manager

"Why did we wait so long!? Concrete Web Design created a custom website with SEO and a time card portal for our team that exceeded expectations. The digital time card has saved us so much time and energy on payroll and the website itself is beautiful! Our designer was easy to work with, understood our attempt to describe what we wanted, addressed all of our needs, and was able to deliver ahead of schedule. We highly recommend working with their team!"

Office Manager

"Concrete Web Design knocked it out of the park. Our website finally reflects our brand and the quality work we provide. We have an awesome editor that allows us to add blog posts, update content, and add new projects in real time. They understood our needs and delivered. We highly recommend working with Concrete Web Design."